Call for Participation





Dear friends of Critical Geography,

we are more than happy to invite you to the City of Bremen, Germany, for the 8th Research Workshop for Critical Geography (Forschungswerkstatt Kritische Geographie)! These are the coordinates:

Research Workshop for Critical Geography 2017 | 15.-18.06.2017 | Bremen, Germany

We want to pick up where we left off at the end of last year’s workshop in Leipzig: Autonomously engaging with geographical issues and problems that are rarely addressed in academic teaching and research – and beyond. Now it’s your turn! The Research Workshop thrives on your contributions and we would like to shape its program together with you. If you want to contribute a session, do not hesitate to send us your proposal. Possible events can be anything, ranging from workshops, panel discussions or field trips to something completely different. Be creative and think broadly! Although we would like to focus on a selection of topics, we don’t want to preset your ideas. The following issues and research perspectives are supposed to serve as an orientation and contain wishes from the precall. Still, you can also send other ideas, of course!

• Postcolonial Geographies
• Critical Urban Studies
• Geography and Gender
• Anarchist Geographies
• Research and Activism
• Critical Data Studies
• Critical Physical Geography
• Degrowth, Post-Development
• Migration and Flight
• New Right and Fascism

To make planning easier for us, we are asking you to send us the following details along with your contribution:

• Short written proposal of your contribution, approx. 1/2 page
• Kind of contribution (workshop, lecture, discussion, …)
• Minimum and maximum number of participants

Please send your proposals by March 31, 2017, to You can also send questions concerning the workshop in general. You will soon find further information at, e.g., concerning the registration.

Looking forward to your ideas and an exciting and diverse Research Workshop 2017,
The AK Critical Geography Bremen