George Poulados

Οbservations on the relationship between cartography and authority

Co-organisers: Daphne Petratou (Patras/GRC), Sotiris Lycourghiotis (Patras/GRC)

The diachronic relationship between cartography and authority is analyzed schematically in this
paper. When using examples from the history of techniques, such as the issue of the orientation of
the North on maps, the relationship between the knowledge of the geospatial and commercial and
economic dominance, the crucial importance of systematic topography in establishing empires and
modern states, the importance of the three-dimensional map in wars of conquest, the role of maps in
the formation of national ideology in school textbooks, modern applications of satellite geolocation,
Panopticism and intelligent repression, critical ethical questions emerge. In the world of the
“geolocation revolution” and the gigantic geographic information systems (GIS) what can the future
hold for social movements and field researchers?