Renata Blumberg, Margareta Lelea, Pamela Ngwenya

What does it mean to do food justice globally?

Co-organisers: Rachel Slocum (Vermont/USA), Kirsten Valentine Cadieux (Minnesota/USA)

In this workshop, we will interrogate the notion of „food justice“ and its potential as an organizing tool in the food movement on a global scale.  The first presentation will detail how the radical analysis  implicit  in  food  justice  draws  on  an  understanding  of  the  social  structures underlying  inequalities  evident  in  the  socio-spatial  organization  of  food  systems.  It will outline four inter-related nodes in networks of food justice organizing around which transformative change is happening or needs to  occur: trauma/equity, exchange, land,  and  labor.   Using case studies from the USA, this presentation will propose ways the food movement might move toward racial justice. These include a) analysis of and discussion of power, b) acting from a progressive or global sense of place, and c) using the nodes above as entry points for building solidarity.  The following two presentations will focus on food justice in Africa.  The rest of the workshop will include an open discussion with workshop participants.